Saracens MMA is the number one MMA agency in the Middle East.

Working with the very best fighters from the region, our goals involve increasing fighter visibility around the world, promote upcoming fights and recent results for all of our athletes, broker deals for upcoming shows as well as sponsorship, and enable these immensely talented individuals to pursue their hopes and dreams of competing for elite organisations around the world.

Our clients include:

Ahmed Faress (14-2)
Ahmed Amir (8-1)
Mohamed Gamal (8-0)
Alaa Mansour (6-1)
Mohamed Aly (5-0)
Mohamed Nour (5-1)
Amr Maher (5-2)
Mahmoud Tahoon (3-0)
Eslam Reda (3-0)
Islam Tolba (3-2)
AlHassan Ali (3-3)
Ahmed Thabet (2-2)

Please take the time to learn more about these competitors via their profiles – and if you require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.